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Music Industry

Bachelor of Science in Music Industry

The Music Industry Major at Wesley College will give students an understanding of the structure of the music business and an understanding of how to successfully maneuver within its landscape. This degree bundles courses from the Music Department, the Multimedia Communications Department and the Business Department focusing on the areas where music, technology, media and business overlap.

Through faculty led practicums students will gain experiential, hands-on learning in the areas of concert series and record label management. Students will work together on a semester long project culminating in the implementation of an event or product.

An essential part of a Music Industry student’s learning experience is the Internship which provides “hands-on, real world” experience, and allows the student to establish a network of professional contacts with the goal of permanent employment after graduation.

When graduating students will have the following:

  • Skills in audio production, recording, film scoring, digital distribution, and web/interface design.
  • Foundational music knowledge and competencies, the understanding of music form and structure, arranging and critical listening and assessment skills.
  • Professional level competency with various industry-standard hardware and software.
  • Essential business knowledge in the areas of marketing, communications, business, contracts and law.
  • Essential knowledge in intellectual property, music licensing, media markets and event production.

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