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Multimedia Communication


Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Communication

Special Features

  • Hands-on Experience
    • The Whetstone print and online – the College’s independent student newspaper
    • WXstream Internet radio station
    • Web-streaming station
  • Mac Media Lab open 24 hours a day for students
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Tutoring Opportunities

Multimedia Communication is a fully integrated, balanced program that teaches students writing, video, audio, photography and design. It provides a thorough background in the liberal arts and emphasizes how the media operate in the world and shape the public mind. We consider issues of production and consumption of media forms in both theoretical and practical terms. Courses are directed at the theories behind the media process while others are directed at hands-on media production experiences, including journalism, video production and visual communication. We will teach students how to collect data and assets both on the computer and in the world, learning interview, reporting and research skills, along with technology and computer skills. All the courses provide excellent opportunities for a motivated student interested in working in the communications industry at a professional level to hone the thought processes and skills needed. Such well-developed fundamental skills allow students to enter organizations or institutions in need of creative people who can produce ethical, thoughtful and finely-wrought media.

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