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Medical Technology Course Requirements

Major Requirements

78 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

BI140Scientific Process1
BI150Biology I4
BI155Biology II4
CH150Chemistry I4
CH160Chemistry II4
CH200Organic Chemistry I4
CH210Organic Chemistry II4
MA205Applied Statistics3

Free Electives

16 Credit Hours

Senior Year at Approved School of Medical Technology

TOTAL Credit Hours: 124
*A grade of C or better required.

*Student must pass MA108 (with a C or better grade) or pass the MA108 challenge exam.

Medical technology schools differ in admission requirements, but all require a minimum grade point average of 2.5 to 2.8. The Wesley College Medical Technology Program has affiliation agreements with several hospital based medical technology programs in the Mid-Atlantic and Washington, D.C., region. This does not guarantee admission to any of them, nor does it preclude the student from applying to any other accredited program that he/she may wish to attend.

Proposed Course Schedule