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Mathematics Faculty & Staff

NameEmailOffice PhoneLocation
Mary Jo Benson Instructor of Mathematics maryjo.benson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2527Cannon 203
Frank Fiedler Professor and Department Chair of Mathematics frank.fiedler@wesley.edu (302) 736-2457Cannon 104
Anh Gibson Administrative Assistant, Math and Science Department anh.gibson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2480Cannon 101
Agashi Nwogbaga Professor of Mathematics agashi.nwogbaga@wesley.edu (302) 736-2526Cannon 105
Paul Olsen Associate Professor of Mathematics paul.olsen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2396Cannon 201
Derald Wentzien Professor of Mathematics derald.wentzien@wesley.edu (302) 736-2574Cannon 209