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International Studies


Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

The International Studies program of Wesley College seeks to provide students the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for effective engagement in one or more areas of the world beyond the boundaries of the United States. Students who earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies will secure a broad liberal education with a focus on the cultures of the world. This should enable them to understand another culture well enough to “fit in” and move comfortably within it. This demands of the student that he or she learn the language, the currency, and the political and economic conditions of the culture chosen for concentration. In addition, the student will become thoroughly familiar with its history, music, art, literature and religion. The skills acquired in the International Studies major open doors to careers in international business settings, government service, and public relations.

Graduates of the International Studies Program:

  1. Gain both a broad knowledge of various foreign cultures and global cultural trends and a fundamental knowledge of the culture of one or more specific countries.
  2. Attain a solid understanding of the historical, geographical, and developmental influences that shaped one or more foreign cultures.
  3. Develop the skills of communication, exploration, and interaction requisite to effective engagement in a particular foreign country or area of the world.

Special Features

  • Study abroad
  • Internship opportunities

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