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Honors Program Curriculum

A specific interdisciplinary seminar is required each semester for the first two years of the Honors Program. These courses are listed below. In addition, EN 101H, a special Honors section of College Writing II, is required for the first semester for first-year students. This requirement is waived for enrolled or transfer students who have successfully completed EN 101 or its equivalent.

A. Required Interdisciplinary Seminars

  • HN 101: The Nature of Reality
  • HN 102: The Nature of Knowledge
  • HN 201: The Good Life
  • HN 202: The Social Good

Successful completion of the required interdisciplinary seminars will satisfy the following areas of the Core Curriculum:

  • HN201, The Good Life, fulfills the Level Two Core Religion/Philosophy requirement
  • HN202, The Social Good, fulfills the Level Two Core History/Social Sciences requirement

B. Junior and Senior Year Course Requirements

After completion of the four required seminars, honors students must complete two courses designed to facilitate the completion of a required Honors Senior Thesis.

These courses are HN 300, which should be taken in the Junior year, and HN 400, which must be taken in the Senior year.

  • HN 300: The Research Process
  • HN 400: Honors Senior Thesis