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Honors Program Curriculum

A specific interdisciplinary seminar is required each semester for the first two years of the Honors Program. These courses are listed below. In addition, Honors EN 101 is required for the first semester for first-year students. This requirement is waived for enrolled or transfer students who have successfully completed EN 101 or its equivalent.

A. Required Interdisciplinary Seminars

  • HN 101: The Nature of Reality
  • HN 102: The Nature of Knowledge
  • HN 201: The Good Life
  • HN 202: The Social Good

Successful completion of the required interdisciplinary seminars will satisfy the following areas of the Core Curriculum:

  • HN201, The Good Life, fulfills the Level Two Core Religion/Philosophy requirement
  • HN202, The Social Good, fulfills the Level Two Core History/Social Sciences requirement

B. Junior and Senior Year Course Requirements

After completion of the four required seminars, honors students must complete two courses designed to facilitate the completion of a required Honors Senior Thesis.

These courses are HN 300, which should be taken in the Junior year, and HN 400, which must be taken in the Senior year.

  • HN 300: The Research Process
  • HN 400: Honors Senior Thesis