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History Course Requirements

Major Requirements

36 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

Choose one of the two concentration: 1) U.S. History or 2) World & Regional History
HI101 Introduction to History 3
HI342 Historical Professions Internship 3
HI450 History Senior Seminar 3
Majors take both courses in chosen concentration & one course in the other concentration
U.S. History Concentration 6 OR 3
HI103 U.S. History I
HI104 U.S. History II
World and Regional History Concentration 6 OR 3
HI109 World Civilization I
HI110 World Civilization II
Majors take any for courses in the chosen concentration (three courses must be 300-level or above) and any two in the other concentration (at least one must be 300-level or above)
U.S. History Concentration 12 OR 6
HI200/ HI201/ HI203/ HI204/ HI-AM 208/ HI320/ HI351/ HI353/ HI423/ HI424/ HI427/ Any AM course/ Any U.S. History ST course Material World of Colonial America/ The Martial World of Victorian America/ The 1960s: Culture in Conflict/ The American Family and Its Home/ Coming to America/ African American History/ Money & Sex/ American West/ Colonial America & the Revolution/ Ninetieth Century America/ Modern America
World & Regional History Concentration 12 OR 6
HI206/ HI312/ HI313/ HI314/ HI319/ HI321/ HI322/ HI350/ HI352/ HI354/ HI415/ HI416/ HI417/ HI418/ Any World & Regional ST course Epidemics in History/ Modern Russia/ Modern Europe/ Modern Asia/ Modern Latin America/ Modern Africa/ In Search of God & Self/ Tyrants in History/ The Holocaust in Fact & Film/ Ancient History of the World/ World History 500 to 1500/ World History 1500 to 1815/ World History 1815 to Present

Free Electives

18 Credit Hours 300-400 Level courses

Free Electives

34 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours: 124
*A grade of C or better required.

Some 200-level History course may be taken at the 300-level at the discretion of the Department Chair.

Students must attain a grade of C or higher in all History and American Studies courses used to fulfill major requirements.

Proposed Course Schedule