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Bachelor of Arts in History


U.S. History
World and Regional History



The History Program encompasses World History, American History, and American Studies/Material Culture. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to complete their degree in History and gain practical experience in History-related fields. History students gain important reading, writing, research, speaking, and critical thinking skills that enable them to pursue a variety of careers. International and domestic travel as a means to understand the moral and ethical foundations of the world’s diverse civilizations is an important component of the Wesley College History Department curriculum.

Graduates of the History Program:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of U.S. History, World History and American Studies/Material Culture that will establish a strong foundation for graduate study or a career in many fields.
  2. Understand and appreciate the moral and ethical foundations of the world’s diverse civilizations, peoples and their political, economic, social, and cultural histories.
  3. Using appropriate technologies, construct, present, and/or write well-organized historical narratives by thinking critically and by finding, evaluating, and synthesizing evidence from diverse historical sources.

Special Features

  • Internships at local museums, historic sites, and historical agencies
  • Travel courses to Ireland, Italy, Sicily, Paris, Bruges, California, New Mexico, and other destinations.


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