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Exercise Science Course Requirements

Major Requirements

83 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Names

Credits per Course

BI210 (Core Level I)Anatomy & Physiology I4
BI215Anatomy & Physiology II4
CH130Allied Health Chemistry4
PS200Introduction to Physics4
KN101AWellness Lifestyles2
KN201History & Philosophy of Kinesiology and Physical Education3
KN203Advance First Aid and Emergency Care3
KN204Motor Learning3
KN205Personal and Community Health3
KN210Organization & Admin of Physical Education3
KN302Principles of Strength Training3
KN303ASport & Exercise Psychology3
KN305Exercise Psychology4
KN307Treatment of Athletic Injuries3
KN327Adapted Physical Education3
KN401Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology, Sport Science & Sports3
KN402A (Level IV Core)Research Practice3
KN403Test and Measurements in Human Performance3
KN404Advanced Exercise Physiology3
KN405AProgram Internship9
KN408Stress Management3
KN410Clinical Exercise Physiology3

Free Electives

8 Credit Hours

* A grade of C or better is required.

* C or higher is required in all courses with KN and PE prefixes; a C minus does not meet this requirement

Part of internship eligibility includes a cumulative overall GPA of a 2.0 or higher; GPA 2.5 required in all KN courses; completed required coursework with appropriate grades; a log documenting 100 clock hours of field experience must be completed and submitted in its entirety along with internship applications; department faculty approval.

Total Credit Hours: 124

Proposed Course Schedule