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Physical Education K-12 Course Requirements

Major Requirements

68 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course


BI210Anatomy & Physiology I4
BI215Anatomy & Physiology II3
KN203Advance First Aid & Emergency Care4
KN305Exercise Physiology4
PE100First Year Seminar for Physical Education1
PE150Invasion & Target Games1
PE151Net/Wall Sports & Fielding/Run-scoring Sports1
PE191Physical Fitness Activity1
PE193Gymnastics, Rhythm/ Dance Activities1
PE194Cooperatives Games & Adventure Activities1
PE262Motor Development3
PE264Instructional Approaches for Drivers Learners3
PE299Second Year Seminar0.5
PE317Methods of Elementary Physical Education3
PE318Methods of Teaching Health for Middle & Secondary Schools3
PE324Curriculum Planning & Practice3
PE327Adapted / Special Physical Education3
PE350Methods of Teaching Invasion & Target Games3
PE351Methods of Teaching Net/Wall and Fielding/Run-scoring Sports3
PE399Pre-Students Teaching Seminar in Physical Education0.5
PE403Assessment & Statistics in Physical Education3
PE412Physical Education Internship3
PE413Student Teaching: Physical Education Semester 29
PE464Student Teaching: Seminar in Physical Education9

Major Electives

9 Credit Hours

Choose one content area (six courses) or three courses from concentration area and three from Driver’s Education.

Health, Math, English, History, Science, or KN
1st course in 2nd teaching field
2nd course in 2nd teaching field
3rd course in 2nd teaching field
4th course in 2nd teaching field
5th course in 2nd teaching field
6th course in 2nd teaching field


Driver’s Education

Students may take the following courses beyond their degree requirements in order to qualify for the driver’s education certification (applies to Delaware, but may be accepted by other states).

  • SE302 In-the-Car Training
  • SE303 Methods and Materials in the Classroom

Wesley College does not award certifications, it is the student’s responsibility to forward any required materials to the licensure and certification bodies.

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