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Our Graduates

Congratulations to the following graduates!

  • Ashley Bystricky, for obtaining a teaching job at Newark High School in Social Studies
  • Jeffery Sheehan, for being promoted to Principal at South Dover Elementary
  • Brittany Phillips, for obtaining a teaching job at Lulu Ross Elementary School

Our graduates speak

“My name is Melissa Boyd and I graduated from Wesley last May, with a B.S. in elementary education. Wesley helped me be certified in K-6 elementary education and I then went on to become special education certified on my own, as special education is truly my passion. As of August 21, I was offered a full-time job teaching at Lulu Ross Elementary School. I am a special education push-in teacher, which means that I do not have a classroom of my own. I push myself and my materials in the classrooms I am serving and work with specific students who require special services. I work with fourth and fifth grade students and, in the future, I will also work with some students in first and second grades. I specifically help with skills in English Language Arts and Math. Lulu Ross is a part of Milford School District and is a community school, all of the old staff members welcoming the new. It’s been a great start to my career and I’m excited for the future.”

“My name is Brittany Phillips and I graduated from Wesley College in the spring of 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. In addition to my certification from Wesley to teach kindergarten thru sixth grade, I also obtained my special education certification. A couple months after graduation, I was offered a job at Lulu Ross Elementary School in Milford, DE (a school that I attended for four years of elementary school.) At Lulu Ross Elementary School, I teach my own class of 21 first grade students! Each student in my class is very different and all perform on various academic levels. I am lucky for the preparation that the Education Department at Wesley College gave me through my undergrad in order to be equipped for this job. I hope to return for my Master’s Degree in a couple of years. So far, I am loving the beginning of my career and I am learning something new every day from my colleagues, but especially my students! I am anxious to see what the rest of the year has in store for my first graders and I. “