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Educational Studies

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies

Educational Studies is a non-licensure program for those who want to pursue an educationally –focused career in a professional or informal educational setting. A few of the many career options possible with this degree include employment in day care or early learning centers; private schools; corporate training; museums, camps, after-school, and other non-school learning programs; non-profit organizations; school-based instructional support; district, statewide, or national policy, assessment or curriculum specialist. The final semester of the program will be completed as a professional internship with a practice-based research requirement to provide authentic professional preparation.

Program Objective: To prepare socially and ethically responsible graduates well- grounded in educational theory, policy, issues, and practice who will serve in a variety of professional contexts or settings as role models and leaders for positive change through education.

Special Features

  • The Educational Studies degree offers flexibility for present majors in EDK-8 or PE K12 licensure tracks to complete their degree, and apply their educational training to broader venues.
  • The Educational Studies degree has flexibility in the required courses, with the option for elective courses in each of the broadly defined programmatic categories.
  • The Educational Studies major has the option of choosing 33 credit hours of free electives, and will be strongly encouraged to use their free elective hours to pursue a minor or even a major in a single area of study to provide depth in a specific content area that will support their career interests.
  • The Professional Practicum provides professional experience in the Educational Studies student’s field of study or professional interest in the final semester of the program, preparing them for the workplace, and providing them with the opportunity to develop professional networks prior to graduation.


Educational Studies degree candidates are required to:

  • Maintain an overall 2.50 GPA.
  • Take 33 credit hours across the liberal arts content or in a content minor or second major.
  • Complete a 400-hour professional practicum and practicum-focused research their final semester

Proposed Course Schedule