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Education K-8 Course Requirements

Major Requirements

75 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Names

Credit per Course

ED101The Drivers School3
ED102First Year Seminar1
ED105Children’s Growth, Development & Learning3
ED207Writing Across the Curriculum3
ED210Mathematics and Scientific Thinking and Learning3
ED290The Exceptional Child3
ED303Curriculum Frameworks for Elementary Math3
ED304Literacy Curriculum For the Young Child3
ED311Children’s Literature3
ED321Assess & Instruction of Child. with Lit. Prob.3
ED340Inquiry-based Learning3
ED341Classroom-baed Assessment3
ED454Integrated Language Arts Methods1.5
ED455Integrated Math Methods1.5
ED456Integrated Science Methods1.5
ED457Integrated Social Studies Methods1.5
ED458Effective Teaching Strategies3
ED459Fall Internship Seminar3
ED480Spring Internship: Student Teaching9
ED491Special Topics (Social Studies Content)3
ED493Reflective Practitioner3
MA102Intermediate Algebra3
BI100Introductory Biology4
PS102Earth Science4

* A grade of C or better is required.

Total Credit Hours (including 15 credits for content area) : 126

Proposed Course Schedule