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Education Department Accreditation

The Education Department, as part of Wesley College, is accredited by the Middle States Association. As the Education Department prepares professionals, we are additionally accountable to several other professional accrediting agencies, and must demonstrate in regular reports that we meet their standards for unit and program operations and candidate performance.

The Wesley College Education Department and its programs are fully accredited by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and will be reviewed for re-affirmation of its accreditation in 2016.

In addition to NCATE accreditation, the department’s undergraduate initial preparation programs, ED K-8 (ACEI and NMSA) and PE K-12 (NASPE) are nationally recognized by their respective national professional organizations. The graduate programs are recognized by the state of Delaware, since they are not under the auspices of a Specialty Professional Association at this time.

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