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Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Marine Biology


Human Biology

The Biology program provides students with the requisite knowledge in biology and chemistry necessary for the student to pursue a career in industry, education, scientific research, or to enter a graduate or professional medical program. This training involves understanding and exemplifying investigative methods and techniques, critical analysis, writing and communicative skills and the quest to relate existing knowledge to new and challenging scientific situations. Students are encouraged to experience the diversity of science and to explore the interaction between scientific discovery and application to current world problems.

Graduates of the Biology Program:

  1. Possess an inclusive knowledge of the field, and are able to demonstrate their ability to use this knowledge in a variety of settings.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the laboratory by being familiar with the use of equipment, practicing safe techniques, as well as the ability to acquire and process data.
  3. Exhibit analytical skills, including the capacity to formulate hypotheses and to rationally evaluate data.
  4. Demonstrate aptitude in expressing themselves in oral and written formats, exhibiting clarity, a logical concise manner, the ability to define topics, and provide supporting evidence.

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Biology majors must take all required Biology courses at Wesley College once they have matriculated. Students who transfer required Biology courses into Wesley prior to matriculating at Wesley will have those courses applied towards their BS degree at Wesley subject to review and approval of the Department Chair. This requirement may be waived, based upon specific individual circumstances, with the approval of the Department Chair.