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Biological Chemistry Faculty & Staff

NameEmailOffice PhoneLocation
Maurizio Bianchi Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor maurizio.bianchi@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Alexander Cisar Instructor of Physics alexander.cisar@wesley.edu (302) 736-2531Cannon 102
Kathleen Curran Professor of Biology kathleen.curran@wesley.edu (302) 736-2456Cannon 1
Malcolm D’Souza Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Sponsored Research malcolm.dsouza@wesley.edu (302) 736-2528Cannon 204
Lynn Everett Professor of Biology, Chair of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Environment lynn.everett@wesley.edu (302) 736-2310Cannon 103
Anh Gibson Administrative Assistant, Math and Science Department anh.gibson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2480Cannon 101
Richard Kashmar Professor of Chemistry and Physics richard.kashmar@wesley.edu (302) 736-2530Cannon 202
William Kroen Professor of Biology william.kroen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2570Cannon 2
Kelly Ann Miller Assistant Professor of Biology kellyann.miller@wesley.edu (302) 736-2337Cannon 3
John O’Neil Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor john.oneil@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Elizabeth Piovoso Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor elizabeth.piovoso@wesley.edu (302)736-2335Budd Hall 113
Melanie Pritchett STEM Programs' Assistant Melanie.Pritchett@wesley.edu (302) 736-2426Cannon
Kris Roeske Adjunct Chemistry Professor/ Laboratory Supervisor kristopher.roeske@wesley.edu (302) 736-2389Cannon 210C
Stephanie Stotts Associate Professor and Program Director of Environmental Studies stephanie.stotts@wesley.edu (302) 736-2349Cannon 209