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American Studies Course Requirements

Major Requirements

33 Credit Hours

One course in American Ethnicity (Including, but not limited to African American History, African American Literature)

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

AM200American Culture/Counterculture3
AM300Interdisciplinary Special Topics3
AM400Senior Seminar in American Studies3
EN207American Literature to 18653
EN208American Literature 1865 to Present3
HI103U.S. History I3
HI104U.S. History II3
MU200History and Appreciation of Jazz3
PO231American Politics3
RE200Religion in America3

Major Electives

12 Credit Hours

Free Electives

18 Credit Houres

Free Electives

300-400 Level

18 Credit hours

TOTAL Credit Hours: 124

*A grade of C or better required.

Proposed Course Schedule