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Studio Art Minor

Required Courses

  • AR101 Design Fundamentals I
  • AR103 Drawing I
  • AR202 Design Fundamentals II
  • AR203 Drawing II
  • AR205 Elementary Art II

One from the following list:

  • AR100 History & Appreciation of Art
  • AH101 History of Art, Pre-History- Renaissance
  • AH102 History of Art, Renaissance- 20th Century
  • AR199A Printmaking
  • AH201 History of Art, Modern and Contemporary Art
  • AR105 Elementary Art I
  • AR215 Foreign Study & Travel in Art
  • ME230 Video Production
  • ME240 Web Design & Development
  • ME242 Digital Imaging (Lab Class Focusing on Using Photoshop)
  • ME243 Digital Illustration (Lab Class Focusing on Using Illustrator)
  • ME300 Media & Culture
  • ME301 Documentary Film
  • ME310 Social Media
  • ME330 Advance Video Production
  • ME335 Nonfiction Media Production
  • ME336 Animation
  • ME342 Digital Photography
  • ME343 Interactive Media Production
  • ME345 Digital Layout & Design (Lab Class Focusing on Using InDesign)
  • ME364 Content Management Systems

Total Credit Hours: 18

The 5 courses that count towards an Art Minor focus on helping students develop their skills in the foundations of art – Drawing, Painting, and Design and to gain an understanding of the possibilities of a career in art. Creative problem solving and visual communication enhance the educational experience and provide a framework for further exploration in the Arts.


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