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American Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

  • The minimum number of credit hours required is fifteen
  • At least nine credit hours must be 200-level or above
  • A minimum of nine credit hours must be taken in residence
  • Transfer credits must be approved by the Chair

AM200 American Culture/Counterculture
Five of the following courses to be spread across at least three disciplines, with at least three courses taken above the 200-level:

  • EN207 Survey of American Literature: Colonial to 1865
  • EN208 Survey of American Literature: 1865 to Present
  • EN334 African American Literature
  • EN353 American Romanticism
  • EN355 American Realism
  • EN357 American Modernism
  • EN440 Contemporary American Literature
  • HI103 United States History to 1877
  • HI104 United States History from 1877 to the Present
  • HI200 The Material World of Colonial America and the Young Republic
  • HI201 The Material World of Victorian America
  • HI203 The 1960’s: Culture in Conflict
  • HI204 The American Family and Its Home
  • HI220 African American History
  • HI323 Colonial America and the Revolution
  • HI324 Nineteenth-Century America
  • HI327 Twentieth-Century America
  • HI335 Special Topics in American Social and Cultural History
  • HI360 Special Topics in American Political History
  • MU200 History and Appreciation of Jazz
  • PO231 Introduction to American Politics
  • PO330 Twentieth-Century American Presidency
  • PO332 The American Constitution
  • PO337 Special Topics: American Political Systems and Behavior
  • PO352 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • PO373 American Parties and Interest Groups
  • PO374 Congress and the President
  • PO376 American Political Thought
  • RE200 Religion in America
  • SO201 Marriage and Family Life
  • SO301 Contemporary Social Problems

Total Credit Hours 18