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Africana Studies Minor

Required Courses

  • AA 120 Introduction to Africana Studies and the Black Experience
  • AA 400 Seminar and the Practicum in Africana Studies

Africana Studies Electives

Africana studies courses are classified by thematic tracks including 1) Cultural Production and Expression 2) Social and Structural Analysis and 3) Historical Investigation. Students choose 3 courses (or 9 hours) to include at least one (1) course from two (2) of the tracks. One elective course (3 hrs) must have an AA designation.

Theme/Track 1: Cultural Production and Expression

  • AA 301 African Americans in Film
  • AA 202 Hollywood’s Africa
  • EN 334 African American Literature. Prerequisite: EN101
  • MU 128 History of Rock-n-Roll
  • MU 205 Jazz: The American Musical Venture

Theme/Track 2: Social and Structural Analyses

  • AA 201: African Cultures and Traditions
  • SO 301 Contemporary Social Problems Prerequisite: SO100 or PY100
  • SO 302 Race and Ethnicity
  • AA 320 Race, Class, Gender and Crime Prerequisite: Any of the Following: AA 120, SO 100, SO 221/LJ 203, or PY 100
  • RE 252 Black Theology

Theme/Track 3: Historical Investigation

  • AA 302 Africans and the Making of the Atlantic World
  • HI 320 African American History
  • HI 321 Modern Africa

Total Credit Hours: 15

Students must earn a 2.0 or better in all courses counting toward the minor in Africana Studies.

Students may minor in Africana Studies in conjunction with any major course of study, and courses taken toward the minor may also count toward Core Requirements. A minimum of 9 hours must be completed at Wesley College, and at least 6 credits must be at or above the 300-level. Special Topics courses may count as electives in the tracks with the approval of the Africana Studies Advisor.