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RN to M.S.N. Core Requirements

Entering with an Associate Degree or Diploma RN Degree

1. Transfer credits

2. Undergraduate Core Requirements: 12 credits

3. Bridge Sequence: 15 credits

NR507 Theory & Evidence-Based Practice
NR508 Health Policy
NR504 Population-Focused Care
NR505 Seminar in Professional Nursing

4. Graduate Requirements: 39 credits

NR510 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NR601 Advanced Pharmacology
NR512 Leadership Role in Adv. Prac. Nursing
NR602 Advanced Pathophysiology
NR602 Advanced Physical Assessment
NR515 Graduate Nursing Research I
NR610 Advanced Nursing Practice I
NR612 Advanced Nursing Practice II
NR615 Graduate Nursing Research II
NR616 Advanced Nursing Practice III
NR620 Thesis/Project Advisement

Entering with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Graduate Sequence: 39 credits

NR510: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NR512: Leadership in Adv. Practice Nursing
NR515: Graduate Research I
NR601: Advanced Pharmacology
NR602: Advanced Pathophysiology
NR603: Advanced Physical Assessment
NR610AG: Advanced Practice Nursing I
NR612AG: Advanced Practice Nursing II
NR615: Graduate Nursing Research II
NR616AG: Advanced Practice Nursing III
NR620AG: Capstone Project