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Academic Strategies for Excellence (AS198)

AS198 is a three-credit course designed to assist first-year students in the transition to college. The course is taught by faculty with specialized training and counts as an elective credit.

The subject of the class is SUCCESS… what success is for your student personally and how your student can achieve it.

Proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success will be taught to the students enrolled in this course.

Students will be provided with the tools necessary to take personal responsibility for their success while encouraging student interest in promoting self-awareness and self-concept, personal development and academic success.

Through guided journals, and case studies, in critical thinking and assessment, the course will encourage students to participate in a community of learners, to strengthen their own critical thinking skills, and to communicate more effectively both orally and in writing. Although AS198 is open to all students, first year students in double-developmental (EN099 & MA099) courses as well as in the PATHWAY program are required to take the course.