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Wesley STEM Students Selected for Summer Internships

Summer interns selected through grant processTwenty-three Wesley students have been selected for summer internships through the College’s online grant application process. The internships are part of the STEM Undergraduate Research – Center for Analytics, Talent and Success (UR-CATS).  Nineteen students are Cannon Scholars (S-STEM program). The majority of the interns are sponsored through the Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (DE-INBRE), the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DE-EPSCoR), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Delaware Space Grant Consortium (NASA-DESGC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

In total, the internship stipends are approximately worth $144,000. Student interns participating at Wesley are required to register for a one credit directed research or senior thesis course. All interns are required to present a culminating research poster on Aug. 10, 2017 at the University of Delaware (UD) Undergraduate Research Celebratory Symposium.

The twenty-three student intern placements are as follows:

Christiana Care Health System (CCHS), sponsored by NIH NIGMS DE-INBRE:

  • Kanisha Blake, Wilmington Hospital Annex
  • Jordan Brockwell, Christiana Hospital Center for Women and Children
  • Lucie Sainte, Christiana Hospital

Wesley College, sponsored by DE-EPSCoR:

  • Khadijah Bland, Wesley College
  • Katelynn Fry, Wesley College
  • Sydney Hall, Wesley College
  • Teric Henry, Wesley College
  • Christina Hubert, Wesley College
  • Rachel Piper, Wesley College
  • Kassandra Rodriguez, Wesley College
  • Michael Skivers, Wesley College

Delaware State Refinery, sponsored by Delaware State Refinery:

  • Edward Brandenburg, Delaware State Refinery

Wesley College, sponsored by NIH NIGMS DE-INBRE:

  • Matthew Dina, Wesley College
  • Morgan Gannon, Wesley College
  • Osama Mahmoud, Wesley College
  • Jose Santana, Wesley College

Wesley College, sponsored by NASA DESGC and NIH NIGMS DE-INBRE:

  • Jeremy Wirick, Wesley College

Wesley College, sponsored by NASA DESGC:

  • Olivia Gulledge, Wesley College

Green Clinics Laboratory, sponsored by NIH NIGMS DE-INBRE:

  • Austin Lonski, Green Clinics Laboratory

Nemours Children’s Hospital, sponsored by NIH NIGMS DE-INBRE:

  • Austin Luna

NASA AMES Research Center, sponsored by NASA-EPSCoR:

  • Lily Neff

Delaware State University (DSU) New Bio Program, sponsored by DSU:

  • Dinh Ngo, DSU
  • Josephine Veeria, DSU

NASA DESGC, sponsored by RockOn!:

  • Jeremy Wirick (In addition to the 10-week internship)
  • Jose Santana (In addition to the 10-week internship)
  • Michael Skivers (In addition to the 10-week internship)

The Wesley College summer internship programs are made possible by grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences–NIGMS (P20GM103446) from the National Institutes of Health (DE-INBRE IDeA program), the NASA DE-Space Grant program (NASA NNX15AI19H) and a National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR grant IIA EPS-1301765 (DE-EPSCoR program). Nineteen undergraduates also acknowledge tuition scholarship support from Wesley’s NSF S-STEM Cannon Scholar Program (NSF 1355554).

Pictured are several of the Wesley College summer interns. Back row (left to right): Henry, Skivers, Santana, Dina, Lonski, Mahmoud, Wirick. Front row: Gannon, Rodriguez, Bland, Piper.

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