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City of Dover Recognizes Wesley Student Organization

"Coffee for a Change" membersThe City of Dover recognized the members of Wesley College’s student organization “Coffee for Change” on Monday, April 24 during the Dover City Council meeting.

The Coffee for Change organization created the student-run coffee shop “The Midnight Roast” this past January. The mission of this organization is to create a sustainable and affordable coffee shop to address the late night needs of Wesley students.

The City of Dover commended the members of the organization; Edward Brandenburg, Kenny Ciccoli, Kelsey Fitzpatrick, Betty Lee, and Austin Luna who spearheaded the initiative, and for their commitment to giving back to the community.

“We are really honored to be recognized,” said Betty Lee, vice president of Coffee for Change. “The student response to Midnight Roast has been wonderful and gives us an opportunity to support the local community with monthly donations to worthy non-profits.”

The City of Dover also recognized Wesley College faculty, staff, and community members who supported Coffee for Change; Wanda Anderson, Dr. Jack Barnhardt, Walt Beaupre, Paul Copeland, Mike Dacko, Dr. Angela D’Antonio, Chris Dixon, Howard Flamm, Victor Greto, Jessica Hansen, Kevin Hartley, Stephanie Mackara, Frankie Martin, and Kristian Neal.

The Midnight Roast is located in the Faculty Lounge in the basement of College Center. The coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are 50 cents per cup and all proceeds are donated to a local charity each month. The donations have helped the underprivileged in the greater Dover area including; Central Dover Habitat for Humanity, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing, and the Shepherd Place.

Pictured Front Row (L-R): Lee, Ciccoli, and Brandenburg. Back Row (L-R): Fitzpatrick and Luna.