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Victor Greto

Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication and Chair of Multimedia Communication

Why I Teach

I chose to leave a career as a feature writer and journalist to teach at Wesley College because I wanted to work at a small liberal arts college that pays individual attention to its students. I give a lot of attention to students who care as much about journalism and the media as I do. I also wanted to teach liberal arts core courses that explore the past, both in culture and media. Students and I interact one-on-one and go to conferences each year, and I teach my students how to report and write like anyone might in a real or digital newsroom.

Professional Activities

Meet Professor Greto | Bio & Portfolio

Profile writing and journalism; Media use and its psychological effects on the individual’s ego resiliency and social interaction, a survey, and project conducted with Drs. Jack Barnhardt and Angela D’Antonio, Wesley psychology professors.


  • First Place, 2010, Delaware Press Association Communication Contest, Profile, “A Poet and How She Works,” about Delaware poet laureate, JoAnn Balingit.
  • Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Features by the Delaware News Journal, 2008, for “I Can’t Take Care of you Anymore.”
  • First Place, Delaware Press Association Communication Contest, Feature Story, “I Can’t Take Care of You Anymore.”
  • •First Place, Delaware Press Association Communication Contest, PERSONALITY PROFILE, “NEW RULES OF ENGAGEMENT”
  • First Place, Chesapeake Associated Press Mark Twain Award, Outstanding Feature Story, “The Man Within”
  • First Place, Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association, 4-Part Series, “The Delaware River”


Freelance Articles Written

Women’s Transportation Seminar

Three profiles of “change agents” for the Women’s Transportation Seminar, a national non-profit organization that encourages women to enter into the transportation field. My three profiles include:

  • “Change Agent: Beverley Swaim-Staley, On a Mission to Attract Women and Minorities to Transportation,” March 4, 2013
  • “Change Agent: Susan Martinovich, Woman with a Vision,” January 16, 2013
  • “Change Agent: Rina Cutler, Leading the Charge for Change in Transportation, Sept. 6, 2012

Brandywine Signature Magazine

Two profiles

  • “Passion and Pancakes: Debi Brooks puts financial skills to work for Parkinson’s foundation,” September 2012
  • “Culinary Adventures: Ezio Reynaud Left the Family Farm to See the World. His Circuitous Path Led to Delaware,” June 2012

The Delaware News Journal

  • A Newspapers in Education article on Jane Austen – “200th Anniversary: ‘Pride & Prejudice,’” Jan. 16, 2013
  • A Sunday profile: “106 and counting: Mary Maslar doesn’t smoke, drink or worry; she likes her food with fat and butter; and if heaven in a bingo parlor, she’s good with that,” Jan. 27, 2013


  • 2013: Presented with Whetstone editor-in-chief Melissa Boyd a panel at the Associated Collegiate Press annual convention in San Francisco on “How to Report Controversial Stories at Private Colleges,” concerning The Whetstone’s handling of the Fall
  • 2012 Dean of Students and her assistant’s resignation, March 1.
  • 2013: Presented a poster and conducted a seminar with Dr. Angela D’Antonio at the NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) convention our research on student use of media and technology, March 19. The poster attracted hundreds of people, and our seminar attracted 150. You can read the Inside Higher Education article about the presentation: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2013/03/21/survey-suggests-technology-harms-students-socially
  • 2013: Presented a paper (“Truants to Chivalry”) during a panel with Dr. Jeffrey Gibson at the NEMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association) conference in Boston that explored the parallels in the narrative arcs of Shakespeare’s Henriad and The Godfather films, March 22.
  • 2013: Will present a poster with Drs. Angela D’Antonio and Jack Barnhardt at the APS (American Psychological Science) convention in Washington D.C., on our research on student use of media and technology, in May.
  • 2012: Moderated a panel at the Associated Collegiate Press’ National College Journalism Convention in Seattle in early March, and critiqued six newspapers from across the country.
  • 2012: Organized and read at a poetry, short story and essay reading with a half-dozen artists on Jan. 25, all of whom were published in No Place Like Here: An Anthology of Southern Delaware Poetry & Prose, attended by nearly 100 students and faculty at Wesley College.
  • 2011: Presented a morning-long seminar at The 4th Annual Lewes Creative Artists’ Workshop, Aug. 20, 2011, where I presented to 50 students “Finding the Real Story Behind the Person.”
  • 2011: Presented two seminars at the College Media Advisers’ conference in New York City, March 13-14, on how to write a profile, and how to report at private colleges.
  • 2010: presented a two-part feature writing seminar, “The Story Behind the Story,” at the Mid-Atlantic Writer’s Conference, Oct. 2, at the Sheraton in Dover.
  • 2008 and 2010: presented two-day workshops on writing a feature story at the Writers at the Beach: Pure Seaglass Conference in Rehoboth Beach, Del., including a two-day workshop, Intense Nonfiction: Into the Heart of Darkness: Finding the Real Story behind the Story; I also served on panels about truth and fiction in memoir writing and the ethical implications of mixing fiction with fact at the conference.


  • M.A., History, University of Colorado
  • B.A., English, Colorado College

Courses Taught

  • ME200 History of Mass Media
  • ME210 Writing for Media
  • ME280 Campus Media Production
  • ME300 Media & Culture
  • ME351 Journalism
  • ME400 Media Law
  • ME470 First Drafts of History: Reading Investigative Journalism
  • ME470T 01/PO300R 01 Media Politics
  • ME490 Media Arts Senior Project
  • PO231 American Politics
  • PO300M 01 Politics and Media in Film and Literature
  • PO332/HI332 The American Constitution
  • PO370 The Presidency
  • PO371 Congress
  • PO376 Public Policy
  • HN202 The Social Good
  • EN100 College Writing
  • EN101 Literature for Composition

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