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Faculty & Staff Directory

NameEmailOffice PhoneLocation
Barbara Abbott Associate Professor of Kinesiology barbara.abbott@wesley.edu (302) 736-2348Budd 108
John Abella Adjunct Music Instructor john.abella@wesley.edu Chapel
Latoya Anderson Alcohol and Other Drug Education Coordinator latoya.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2342College Center 123
Wanda Anderson Dean of Students wanda.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2443College Center 120
Danielle Archambault Coordinator of Tutoring Programs danielle.archambault@wesley.edu (302) 736-2565Parker Library 107A
Anthony Armstrong Professor of Political Science anthony.armstrong@wesley.edu (302) 736-2470College Center 416
Steve Azzanesi Associate Athletic Director & Assistant Head Football Coach steve.azzanesi@wesley.edu (302) 736-2386Athletics House
Janet D. Baker Adjunct Languages and Literature janet.baker@wesley.edu
Jack Barnhardt Professor of Psychology and Chair of Psychology jack.barnhardt@wesley.edu (302) 736-2327Budd 120
Maureen Barry Instructor of Kinesiology maureen.barry@wesley.edu (302) 736-2546Budd 213
Kelley Bauer Coordinator of Athletics/Business Services kelley.bauer@wesley.edu (302) 736-2435Athletics House
Barbara Bayers Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement barbara.bayers@wesley.edu (302) 736-2467Institutional Advancement House
Walter Beaupre Director of Safety and Security walter.beaupre@wesley.edu (302) 736-2304College Center - Underground
Lindsay Beiler Head Volleyball Coach lindsay.beiler@wesley.edu (302) 736-2564College Center 24
Brian Belcher Coordinator of Disability Support brian.belcher@wesley.edu (302) 736-2739Parker Library 112B
Kevin Benjamin Director of Gospel Choir kevin.benjamin@wesley.edu Bennett Chapel
Mary Jo Benson Instructor of Mathematics maryjo.benson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2527Canon 203
Rebecca Benson Associate Professor in Nursing rebecca.benson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2350Johnston Hall 211
Valerie Bernhardt Adjunct Professor of Voice valerie.bernhardt@wesley.edu (302) 736-2785Bennett Chapel 100
Mark Berry Director of Campus Life mark.berry@wesley.edu (302) 736 2567College Center
Ramona Beverly Adjunct Faculty - Languages and Literature ramona.beverly@wesley.edu
Maurizio Bianchi Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor maurizio.bianchi@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Brian Bing Technical Support Specialist brian.bing@wesley.edu (302) 736-2418College Center 1A
Susan Redington Bobby Associate Professor of English susan.redingtonbobby@wesley.edu (302) 736-2360PL 210C
JoMae Boney Mailroom Manager/Receiving Clerk jomae.boney@wesley.edu (302) 736-2340Mail Room
Martha Boyd Instructional and Research Services Librarian martha.boyd@wesley.edu (302) 736-2535Parker Library
Jeffery Braxton Assistant Football Coach jeff.braxton@wesley.edu (302) 736-2556Athletic's House
Celeste Bryson Adjunct Professor for Psychology celeste.bryson@wesley.edu
Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej Professor of Business Administration kraiwinee.bunyaratavej@wesley.edu (302) 736-2520Slaybaugh 204
Belinda Burke Vice President of Finance and Administration/Chief Financial Officer belinda.burke@wesley.edu (302) 736-2484College Center 323
Dean Burrows Head Men's Basketball Coach dean.burrows@wesley.edu (302) 736-2555Wentworth Gym
Quameshia Callwood Area Coordinator, North Campus quameshia.callwood@wesley.edu
Penny Carney Library Associate penny.carney@wesley.edu (302) 736-2413Parker Library
Carole Carpenter  Assistant to the Registrar  carole.carpenter@wesley.edu (302) 736-2491College Center 323
Alexander Cisar Instructor of Physics alexander.cisar@wesley.edu (302) 736-2531Cannon 102
Randall Clack Associate Professor of English randall.clack@wesley.edu (302) 736-2540College Center 407
Katina Clarke Adjunct Faculty - Psychology, Liberal Arts & Counselor katina.clarke@wesley.edu (302) 736-2373Wellness Center & Budd Hall
Robert E. Clark II President of the College(302) 736-2508Alumni House (President's Office)
Steve Clark Head Men's Soccer Coach steven.clark@wesley.edu (302) 736-2557Athletics House
Ellen Coleman Administrative Assistant to the President ellen.coleman@wesley.edu (302) 736-2508Alumni House (President's Office)
Robert Contino Professor of Nursing and Chair of Nursing Department robert.contino@wesley.edu (302) 736-2482Johnston Hall 134
Jessica Cook Director of Communications and Marketing jessica.cook@wesley.edu (302) 736-2354Alumni House
Taliah Cook Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy taliah.cook@Wesley.edu (302) 736-2390Johnston Hal 117
Paul Copeland Chief Information Officer paul.copeland@wesley.edu (302) 736-2538Information Technology
Brantley Craig Assistant Professor of English and Religion brantley.craig@wesley.edu (302) 736-2359College Center 423
Kathleen Curran Professor of Biology kathleen.curran@wesley.edu (302) 736-2456Cannon 1
Janet Custis Accounts Receivable Coordinator janet.custis@wesley.edu (302) 736-2393College Center 317
Angela D’Antonio Associate Professor of Psychology angela.dantonio@wesley.edu (302) 736-2408Budd 102
Malcolm D’Souza Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Sponsored Research malcolm.dsouza@wesley.edu (302) 736-2528Cannon 204
Darla Davidson Assistant Professor of Nursing darla.davidson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2507Johnston Hall 227
Linda De Roche Professor of English and American Studies & Chair of Department of Literature and Languages linda.deroche@wesley.edu (302) 736-2454College Center 406
Christopher Dearth Vice President of Enrollment Management christopher.dearth@wesley.edu (302) 736-2529Enrollment House
Mary Delgado Business Adjunct mary.delgado2@wesley.edu
Whitney Dibb Admissions Counselor whitney.dibb@wesley.edu (302) 736-2591Enrollment Management House
Mary Diemicke Adjunct Faculty - Phys Ed maryjane.diemicke@wesley.edu (302) 736-2422Budd 18
Jillian Dixon Housing Services Facilitator jill.dixon@wesley.edu (302) 736-2586College Center 125
Elvie Domond Alcohol and Other Drug Education Assistant elvie.domond@wesley.edu
Karla Doucette Lead Housekeeper karla.doucette@wesley.edu (302) 736-2398College Center
Ron Douglas Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication ron.douglas@wesley.edu (302) 736-2449College Center 413
Amanda Downes Director of Advancement Services and Annual Giving amanda.downes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2318Institutional Advancement House
Mike Drass Executive Director of Athletics/Head Football Coach mike.drass@wesley.edu (302) 736-2363Athletics House
Charlisa Edelin Associate Professor of Law and Justice Studies & Director of Master's in Criminal Justice charlisa.edelin@wesley.edu (302) 736-2451Slaybaugh 4
Erin Elsberry Associate Registrar erin.elsberry@wesley.edu (302) 736-2434College Center 304
Lily Engel Graduate Assistant for Student Success & Retention lily.engel@wesley.edu
Lynn Everett Professor of Biology lynn.everett@wesley.edu (302) 736-2310Cannon 103
Shelby Everline Customer Service Assistant shelby.everline@wesley.edu (302) 736-2364College Center 304
Christobel Fakaosi Assistant Volleyball Coach christobel.fakaosi@wesley.edu (302) 736-2302College Center 22
Kate Fetterman Admissions Counselor kate.fetterman@wesley.edu (302) 736-2562Enrollment Management House
Frank Fiedler Professor of Mathematics and Chair of Mathematics Department frank.fiedler@wesley.edu (302) 736-2457Cannon 104
Julie Fisher Professor of Nursing julie.fisher@wesley.edu (302) 736-2510Johnston Hall 209
Adele Flamm Supervisor - Business Operations adele.flamm@wesley.edu (302) 736-2566College Center 317
Howard Flamm Financial Aid Coordinator howard.flamm@wesley.edu (302) 736-2494College Center 326
Deborah Forbes Director of Student Health deborah.forbes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2521Wellness Center
Connie Foreman Library Associate connie.foreman@wesley.edu (302) 736-2413Parker Library
Angie Fowler Safety and Security Shift Supervisor angie.fowler@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Kayla Fromal Graduate Assistant for Student Success & Retention kayla.fromal@wesley.edu
David Fullerton Staff Accountant david.fullerton@wesley.edu (302) 736-2581College Center 317
Jonathan Gaines Assistant Professor of Law and Justice Studies jonathan.gaines@wesley.edu (302) 736-2325Slaybaugh 203
Brenda Gardels Payroll and Benefits Accounting Manager brenda.gardels@wesley.edu (302) 736-2305College Center 321
Joyce Gasper Coordinator of Accounts Payable joyce.gasper@wesley.edu (302) 736-2357College Center 317
Carol Gauker Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs carol.gauker@wesley.edu (302) 736-2579College Center 125
Myna German Adjunct Professor of Business myna.german@wesley.edu
Varleisha Gibbs Chair & Director of Graduate Programs in Occupational Therapy varleisha.gibbs@wesley.edu (302) 736-2321Johnston Hall
Anh Gibson Faculty Secretary, Math and Science Department anh.gibson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2480Cannon 101
Jeffrey Gibson Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost jeffrey.gibson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2420College Center 308
Jean Gilroy Adjunct Professor of English jean.gilroy@wesley.edu
Katherine Goff Directory of Parker Library katherine.goff@wesley.edu (302) 736-2455Parker Library
Jacob Golden Music Adjunct jacob.golden@wesley.edu
Geneva Gonzalez-Morris Enrollment Data Specialist geneva.gonzalez-morris@wesley.edu (302) 736-2402Enrollment House
Barbara Gorrow Adjunct Faculty - English barbara.gorrow@wesley.edu (302) 736-2432College Center 405A
Bill Gorrow Head Men's Lacrosse Coach bill.gorrow@wesley.edu (302) 736-2405Wesley West Field House
Juli Greep Head Softball Coach juli.greep@wesley.edu (302) 736-2302College Center 22
Victor Greto Associate Professor of Multimedia Communication and Chair of Multimedia Communication victor.greto@wesley.edu (302) 736-2311College Center 415
Elaine Guertler Associate Professor of Business Administration elaine.guertler@wesley.edu (302) 736-2515Slaybaugh 209
Michael J. Hall Director - Student Financial Aid j.michael.hall@wesley.edu (302) 736-2483College Center 326
Abdul Hameed Data and Strategic Research Specialist abdul.hameed@wesley.edu (302) 736-2353Computer Center
Jessica Hansen Institutional Research Data Analyst jessica.hansen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2444College Center 324
Mary Harmon Administrative Assistant for the Department of Nursing mary.harmon@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall 130
Tracey Harris Safety and Security Officer tracey.harris@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center Underground
Dave Haston Technical Director Information Technology dave.haston@wesley.edu (302) 736-2354Information Technology
Amanda Hawkins Accounts Receivable Coordinator amanda.hawkins@wesley.edu (302) 736-2331College Center 317
Ethan Hawkley Assistant Professor of History ethan.hawkley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2469Budd 115
Sierra Hayes Assistant to the Office of Academic Affairs sierra.hayes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2352College Center 308
Tina Heesh-Mosley Assistant to the Provost tina.heesh-mosley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2429College Center 308
Cheryl Heslinga Chemistry Adjunct cheryl.heslinga@wesley.edu Cannon Hall
Erika Hodges-Baines Safety & Security Officer erika.hodges-baines@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Stephanie Holyfield Associate Professor of History stephanie.holyfield@wesley.edu (302) 736-2407Budd Hall 117
Susan Houser Director of Enrollment Operations susan.houser@wesley.edu (302) 736-2438Enrollment House
Ryan Hubble Assistant Professor of Kinesiology ryan.hubble@wesley.edu Budd Hall 116
Arnelle Hughes Administrative Assistant for Master's of Occupational Therapy arnelle.hughes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2487Johnston Hall
Cassandra Hynson Director of Admissions Communications cassandra.hynson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2428Enrollment House
Tom Idnurm Director of Facility Management Tom.Idnurm@wesley.edu (302) 736-2433Physical Plant
Debi Ivy Financial Aid Coordinator debi.ivy@wesley.edu (302) 736-2338College Center 326
Kathleen Jacobs Professor of Business Management kathleen.jacobs@wesley.edu (302) 736-2519College Center 207
Jessica James Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies jessica.james@wesley.edu (302) 736-2453Budd 109
Mary Jenson Assistant Professor of Psychology mary.jenson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2365Budd 123
Christopher Jester Associate Director of Admissions christopher.jester@wesley.edu (302) 736-2468Enrollment House
Marilyn Johnson Director of MBNA School of Business & Accounting and Associate Professor of Accounting marilyn.johnson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2463Slaybaugh 201
Tracy Jones Library Associate tracy.jones@wesley.edu Parker Library
Darren Harris Jr. Student Financial Aid Clerk darren.harris@wesley.edu (302) 736-2494College Center 326
Richard Kashmar Professor of Chemistry and Physics richard.kashmar@wesley.edu (302) 736-2530Cannon 202
Amy Kellen Graduate Admissions Counselor amy.kellen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2343Enrollment House
Stephen Kimes Track & Field/Cross Country Coach stephen.kimes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2384Athletics House
Jordan E. Kinsey Director of Bands jordan.kinsey@wesley.edu (302) 736-2569Bennett Chapel 202
Ronald Klopfer Adjunct Faculty - Anatomy & Physiology Professor ronald.klopfer@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Christopher D. Knapp Assistant Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator chip.knapp@wesley.edu (302) 736-2554Athletics House
Vernetta Knight STEM Program Assistant vernetta.knight@wesley.edu (302) 736-2426Cannon Hall
Susan Kosikowski Library Associate susan.kosikowski@wesley.edu Parker Library 108
Lee Ellen Kramer Wellness Center Grad Nurse lee.kramer@wesley.edu (302) 736-2412
William Kroen Professor of Biology and Chair of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and the Environment william.kroen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2570Cannon 2
David Laganella Professor of Music david.laganella@wesley.edu (302) 736-2446Chapel 103
Marcia Lawton Professor of Education and Director of K-8 marcia.lawton@wesley.edu (302) 736-2532Budd 207
Vilma Lazo-Butera Instructor of Spanish vilma.lazo-butera@wesley.edu (302) 736-2781College Center 424
Thai Le Area Coordinator, Central Campus thai.le@wesley.edu
James Lewis Controller, Finance james.lewis@wesley.edu (302) 736-2425College Center 312
Lynn Lofthouse Associate Professor of Speech Communications lynn.lofthouse@wesley.edu (302) 736-2358Parker Library 210A
Jillian Lontz Head Women's Lacrosse Coach jillian.lontz@wesley.edu (302) 736-2496Athletics House 206
Mark Lucas Security Officer mark.lucas@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Tracey Lundblad Administrative Coordinator tracey.lundblad@wesley.edu (302) 736-2372Dover Air Force Base
Richard Mahee Assistant Professor of Business richard.mahee@wesley.edu (302) 736-2512Slaybaugh 205
April Mahoney Coordinator of Office Services april.mahoney@wesley.edu (302) 736-2339Copy Room
Michael Mango Safety and Security Officer michael.mango@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center Underground
Elizabeth Marchioni Associate Professor and Chair of Law and Justice Studies elizabeth.marchioni@wesley.edu (302) 736-2517Slaybaugh 5
Jeffrey Mask Chair of Philosophy & Religion and Professor of Religion, Philosophy, and American Studies jeffrey.mask@wesley.edu (302) 736-2366College Center 425
Harry Maxson Adjunct - Instructor of English harry.maxson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2367College Center 424
Laura Mayse Director of Development and Alumni Relations laura.mayse@wesley.edu (302) 736-2317Alumni House
Faye McCarty Aramark Staff faye.mccarty@wesley.edu (302) 736-2452Dining Services
Rachel McCloskey Admissions Counselor rachel.mccloskey@wesley.edu (302) 736-2447Enrollment Management House
Christine McDermott Director of Student Success & Retention christine.mcdermott@wesley.edu (302) 736-2492Parker Library 110
Margaret McElligott Instructor of Nursing/Simulation Coordinator margie.mcelligott@wesley.edu (302) 736-2737Johnston Hall 206
Kris McGlothlin Store Manager, Wesley College Bookstore bookstore@wesley.edu (302) 736-2328Bookstore | College Center
Renee McGlothlin Title IX Educator renee.mcglothlin@wesley.edu (302) 736-2585College Center 119
Jerry Mench Visiting Professor of Nursing jerry.mench@wesley.edu (302) 736-2430Johnston Hall 229
Albee Mendoza Assistant Professor of Psychology albee.mendoza@wesley.edu (302) 736-2589Budd 121
Kelly Ann Miller Assistant Professor of Biology kellyann.miller@wesley.edu (302) 736-2337Cannon 3
Carol S. Minor Clinical Coordinator, Department of Nursing carol.minor@wesley.edu (302) 736-2406Johnston Hall 221
Tina Mitchell Assistant Professor of Education tina.mitchell@wesley.edu (302) 736-2380Budd 203
Cathy Moore Adjunct of Professor of Nursing cathy.moore@wesley.edu Johnston Hall
Meredith Moore Assistant Athletic Trainer meredith.moore@wesley.edu (302) 736-2742Athletic Training Room
Denise Morris Associate Professor of Nursing denise.morris@wesley.edu (302) 736-2346Johnston Hall 213
John Paul Muczko Associate Professor of Kinesiology john.muczko@wesley.edu (302) 736-2490Budd 104
Bonnie Mullen Chaplin of Spiritual and Community Engagement pastorbonnie.mullen@wesley.edu (302) 612-0003College Center 12
Patricia Muñoz Administrative Assistant to VP of Finance patricia.muñoz@wesley.edu (302) 736-2351College Center 321
Ed Muntz Head Women's Soccer Coach edward.muntz@wesley.edu (302) 736-2516Wesley West Field House
Joanna Murray Kinesiology Adjunct joanna.murray@wesley.edu
Muriel Murray Financial Aid Associate muriel.murray@wesley.edu (302) 736-2516College Center 326
Kristian Neal Aramark Staff - Retail Manager kristian.neal@wesley.edu (302) 736-2596College Center 23
Cynthia Newton Chair of Politics & Society and Associate Professor of Political Science cynthia.newton@wesley.edu (302) 736-2732College Center 422
Joseph Nicolai Adjunct Faculty-Communications joseph.nicolai@wesley.edu (302) 233-2546Dover Air Force Base
Joshua Nobiling Visiting Assistant Professor of Arts joshua.nobiling@wesley.edu (302) 736-2486Longwood 201
Agashi Nwogbaga Professor of Mathematics agashi.nwogbaga@wesley.edu (302) 736-2526Cannon 105
John O’Neil Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor john.oneil@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Julia Olsen Kinesiology Adjunct julia.olsen@wesley.edu
Paul Olsen Associate Professor of Mathematics paul.olsen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2396Cannon 201
Tamara Osberg Nursing Adjunct tamara.osberg@wesley.edu
Donald Palmer Security and Security Officer don.palmer@welsey.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Jeanette Panunto Adjunct Faculty - Nursing jeanette.panunto@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Karen Panunto Professor of Nursing/BSN Program Director karen.panunto@wesley.edu (302) 736-2511Johnston Hall 215
Albert Papazoni Area Coordinator, South Campus albert.papazoni@wesley.edu
Jennifer Papi Adjunct professor of Nursing jennifer.papi@wesley.edu
Cyrill Parham Director of Sports Information cyrill.parham@wesley.edu (302) 736-2450Athletics House
Tammy Paxton Assistant Professor of Nursing tamala.paxton@wesley.edu (302) 736-2403Johnston Hall 227
Erin Perchiniak Adjunct Faculty - Anatomy & Physiology Professor erin.perchiniak@wesley.edu (302) 736-2335Budd Hall 113
Jessica Pfeiffer Nursing Adjunct jessica.pfeiffer@email.wesley.edu
Raymond Phillips Professor of Kinesiology and Director of Graduate Programs in Sport Leadership, and Chair of Kinesiology Department raymond.phillips@wesley.edu (302) 736-2324Budd 002
Steven Pierce Security and Security Officer steve.pierce@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436Safety and Security
Benjamin Pingel Assistant Professor of Multimedia Communication benjamin.pingel@wesley.edu (302) 736-2368College Center 414
Elizabeth Piovoso Adjunct Faculty - Chemistry Lab Instructor elizabeth.piovoso@wesley.edu (302)736-2335Budd Hall 113
Saharat Pongsree Professor of Economics saharat.pongsree@wesley.edu (302) 736-2595Slaybaugh 210
William F. Pritchard V.P. for Institutional Advancement william.pritchard@wesley.edu (302) 736-2316Institutional Advancement House
Mark Pruett-Barnett Adjunct Faculty - Philosophy and Religion mark.pruett-barnett@wesley.edu (302) 736-2367College Center 424
Gwen Pursell Assistant Professor of Psychology gwen.pursell@wesley.edu (302) 736-2561Budd 106
Gabriel Radau Systems Analyst gabriel.radau@wesley.edu (302) 736-2332Information Technology
Marjorie Ramsey Library Associate marjorie.ramsey@wesley.edu Parker Library
Tamara Rash Adjunct Faculty - Clinical Lab, Nursing tamara.rash@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Michael Rhea Adjunct Faculty - English michael.rhea@wesley.edu (302) 736-2471English
Randi Robinson Adjunct Professor of Piano randi.robinson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2785Chapel 100
Kris Roeske Adjunct Chemistry Professor/ Laboratory Supervisor kristopher.roeske@wesley.edu (302) 736-2389Cannon 210C
Jacqui Rogers Area Coordinator-Central Campus jacqui.rogers@wesley.edu (302) 736 2313Roe Hall
Ann Rogge Director of Counseling Services, Adj. Faculty ann.rogge@wesley.edu (302) 736-2445Wellness Center
Mona Lisa Romano Adjunct Faculty - Nursing monalisa.romano@wesley.edu Johnston Hall
Ludy Rotchford Adjunct Faculty - Nursing ludy.rotchford@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Laurie Roth Safety & Security Office Manager laurie.roth@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Naomi Rubin Reservations Coordinator   reservations@wesley.edu (302) 736-2593College Center 15
Nancy Rubino Professor of Nursing and Director of MSN Program nancy.rubino@wesley.edu (302) 736-2550Johnston Hall 232
Dianitza Runser Visiting Instructor of Nursing dianitza.runser@wesley.edu (302) 736-2414Johnston Hall 218
Shirley Ryan Adjunct Faculty - Education shirley.ryan@wesley.edu (302) 736-2431Education
Theresa Saari Adjunct Faculty - Clinical Lab, Nursing theresa.saari@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Erik Sasse Safety and Security Shift Supervisor erik.sasse@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Eileen Scanlon Fieldwork Coordinator/Instructor of Occupational Therapy eileen.scanlon@wesley.edu (302) 736-2780Johnston Hall
Heather Schalk Human Resources Director heather.schalk@wesley.edu (302) 736-2306College Center 324
Rebecca Schroding Director of International Programs rebecca.schroding@wesley.edu (302) 736-2411Dulany Hall 003
Robert Schroeder Head Athletic Trainer robert.schroeder@wesley.edu (302) 736-2553
John Scott Safety and Security Officer john.scott@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436College Center - Underground
Edward Seibert Adjunct Faculty - Accounting edward.seibert@wesley.edu (302) 736-2514Slaybaugh
Patricia Seunarine Registrar and Director of Student Academic Records patricia.seunarine@wesley.edu (302) 736-2385College Center 305
Patricia Sherblom Full Professor and Department Chair of Education patricia.sherblom@wesley.edu (302) 736-2575Budd 211
Mika Shipley Associate Professor of English mika.shipley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2477College Center 430
Patricia Shockley Adjunct Faculty - Nursing patricia.shockley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Tracey Short Head Field Hockey Coach and Senior Women's Administrator/Associate AD for Compliance tracey.short@wesley.edu (302) 736-2541Wesley West Field House
Kevin E. Shuman Assistant Director of STEM Initiatives kevin.shuman2@wesley.edu (302) 736-2778Cannon Hall 210A
Ellen Simpson Adjunct Faculty - Clinical Lab, Nursing ellen.simpson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Erin Slattery Adjunct Professor of Nursing erin.slattery@wesley.edu
April Smith Adjunct Faculty - Physical Education april.smith@wesley.edu (302) 736-2431Budd
Donna Smith Adjunct Faculty - Nursing donna.smith@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Mary Smith Adjunct Faculty - Nursing, Clinical Lab mary.smith@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
Robin Smith Cheerleading Coach robin.smith@wesley.edu (302) 736-2409Athletics House
Georgeanna Spagnolo Coordinator of Advising georgeanna.spagnolo@wesley.edu (302) 736-2740Parker Library 14
Rocco Spampinato Aramark Staff - Executive Chef rocco.spampinato@wesley.edu (302) 736-2322Dining Services
Alexander Spaul Admissions Counselor alexander.spaul@wesley.edu (302) 736-2415Admissions 22
Peggy Spence Enrollment Data Specialist peggy.spence@wesley.edu (302) 736-2401Enrollment House
Ashley Spencer-Connor Safety and Security Officer ashley.spencer-connor@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436Security Office
Lloyd Stafford Safety and Security OfficerCollege Center - Underground
Tommye Staley Adjunct Faculty - Sciences tommye.staley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2475Cannon
Elena Stewart Adjunct Faculty elena.stewart2@wesley.edu
Stephanie Stotts Associate Professor of Environmental Studies stephanie.stotts@wesley.edu (302) 736-2349Cannon 209
Amy Strickland Instructor of Kinesiology amy.strickland@wesley.edu (302) 736-2421Budd 118
Josh Strouse Facilities Supervisor josh.strouse@wesley.edu (302) 736-2461Physical Plant
John Sullivan Aramark Staff - Dining Services john.sullivan@wesley.edu (302) 736-2320Dining Services
Jill Tatman Adjunct Faculty - Nursing jill.tatman@wesley.edu Johnston Hall
Adam Taylor System Administrator adam.taylor@wesley.edu (302) 736-2783Information Technology
Shari Tenner Director of Campus Learning Resources shari.tenner@wesley.edu (302) 736-2584Johnston Hall 207
Dawnn Thomas Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy dawnn.thomas@wesley.edu (302) 736-2330Johnston Hall 124
Yu Tian Associate Professor of Business yu.tian@wesley.edu (302) 736-2788Slaybaugh
Mandi Tierney Administrative Assistant for Education and Kinesiology Department mandi.tierney@wesley.edu (302) 736-2431Budd 114
George Tietze Adjunct Faculty - Drama george.tietze@wesley.edu (302) 736-2476Wells Theater (Slaybough 107)
Lindsay Townsend Library Associate lindsay.townsend@wesley.edu (302) 736-2413Parker Library
Justine Tumas Adjunct Faculty - Accounting justine.tumas@wesley.edu (302) 736-2514Slaybaugh
Jack Turner Adjunct Faculty - English jack.turner@wesley.edu (302) 736-2471English
Bret Underwood Head Baseball Coach bret.underwood@wesley.edu (302) 736-2459Wesley West Field House
Alban Urbanas Professor of Philosophy and French alban.urbanas@wesley.edu (302) 736-2572College Center 432
Stefanie Velvel Adjunct Faculty - English stefanie.velvel@wesley.edu (302) 736-2471English
Chelsey Vest SSO Outreach Coordinator chelsey.vest@wesley.edu (302) 736-2735Parker Library 109
Kathy Walther Adjunct Faculty - Education kathy.walther@wesley.edu (302) 736-2431Education
Shuning Wang Study Abroad Advisor erin.bifferato@wesley.edu (302) 736-2411Parker Library 14
Cheryl Watson Adjunct Faculty - Nursing cheryl.watson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2488Johnston Hall
James Wearden Head Women's Basketball Coach james.wearden@wesley.edu (302) 736-2314Wentworth Gym
Derald Wentzien Professor of Mathematics derald.wentzien@wesley.edu (302) 736-2574Cannon 209
Elizabeth Wentzien Office Manager elizabeth.wentzein@wesley.edu (302) 736 2525Parker Library 108
LaVette Whaley Human Resources Generalist lavette.whaley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2333College Center 318
Colette Wheatley Education Field Placement Coordinator, Adj. Faculty, USDOE Grant Manager colette.wheatley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2387Budd 202
Ed Wheatley Education Dept. College Supervisor, Grant Liaison ed.wheatley@wesley.edu (302) 736-2504Budd 202
Mark Whitaker Adjunct Faculty - Business mark.whitaker@wesley.edu (302) 736-2514Slaybaugh 101
Jamie Whitman-Smithe Professor of Education jamie.whitman-smithe@wesley.edu (302) 736-2440Budd 204
Patrick Williams Safety and Security Officer patrick.williams@wesley.edu (302) 736-2436Security Office - Underground
Christopher Willis Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life christopher.willis@wesley.edu (302) 736-2458College Center 122
James Wilson Associate Professor of Music, Chair of Music & The Arts, and Director of Choirs james.wilson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2466Chapel 102
Jason Wolbach Adjunct Professor of Guitar jason.wolbach@wesley.edu Chapel
Sharon Wong Assistant Professor for Master's of Occupational Therapy sharon.wong@wesley.edu (302) 736-2524Johnston Hall
Emily Wood Academic Research Grants Administrator emily.wood@wesley.edu (302) 736-2539Cannon 210 B
Deborah Wool Adjunct Faculty - History deborah.wool@wesley.edu (302) 736-2471College Center 405A
Soeun You Assistant Professor of Business soeun.you@wesley.edu (302) 736-2787Slaybaugh 206