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Department: Student Affairs

NameEmailOffice PhoneLocation
Latoya Anderson Alcohol and Other Drug Education Coordinator latoya.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2342College Center 123
Wanda Anderson Dean of Students wanda.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2443College Center 120
Mark Berry Director of Campus Life mark.berry@wesley.edu (302) 736 2567College Center
Quameshia Callwood Area Coordinator, North Campus quameshia.callwood@wesley.edu
Jillian Dixon Housing Services Facilitator jill.dixon@wesley.edu (302) 736-2586College Center 125
Elvie Domond Alcohol and Other Drug Education Assistant elvie.domond@wesley.edu
Deborah Forbes Director of Student Health deborah.forbes@wesley.edu (302) 736-2521Wellness Center
Carol Gauker Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs carol.gauker@wesley.edu (302) 736-2579College Center 125
Patricia Ledgister BSN, RN Student Health Services Coordinator patricia.ledgister@wesley.edu Wellness Center
Thai Le Area Coordinator, Central Campus thai.le@wesley.edu
Bonnie Mullen Chaplin of Spiritual and Community Engagement pastorbonnie.mullen@wesley.edu (302) 612-0003College Center 124
Albert Papazoni Area Coordinator, South Campus albert.papazoni@wesley.edu
Christopher Willis Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life christopher.willis@wesley.edu (302) 736-2458College Center 122