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Scholarship Opportunities for Currently Enrolled Students

Endowed/Annual and Alumni Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities for CURRENTLY ENROLLED undergraduate students only (these scholarships do not apply to students who are not currently attending the college). Applications will not be accepted until after Fall break.

There are two categories of scholarships for which Wesley College undergraduate students (main campus) may apply – Endowed/Annual Scholarships and Alumni Scholarships. Endowed/Annual Scholarships are made possible through donations from individuals within and outside the Wesley community and are selected by a committee of College administrators and faculty. Alumni Scholarships are funded through alumni contributions and Alumni Association fundraising events and are selected by a committee of Alumni Board members.

Both categories of scholarships require students to submit an application form (one form covers both) in order to be considered for selection. Alumni Scholarships also require a recommendation letter from an academic advisor or faculty member at Wesley who has taught the applicant in an academic class, in addition to the online application.

The descriptions and criteria of the specific scholarships within the two categories are linked below. Students interested in applying are encouraged to carefully review the criteria before completing the online application. Applicants should indicate on the form if they wish to apply for the Endowed/Annual Scholarships, Alumni Scholarships or both. They will then be considered for any of the specific scholarships within that category, but are asked to specify on the form which one in particular they feel they are most qualified to receive.

Students selected for scholarships will be notified via email. All recipients will be required to write a handwritten thank you note to the scholarship donor(s) and must participate in the Founders Day Celebration in order to receive the funds. Scholarships will be rescinded for students who do not comply with this requirement.


Cathy Nosel
Office of Institutional Advancement
(302) 736-2410

A PDF of the scholarship list and descriptions is available.

A PDF of the Scholarship Application is available.