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Education K-8/Special Education Course Requirements

Major Requirements

90 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Names

Credit per Course

ED101The Drivers School3
ED102First Year Seminar1
ED105Children’s Growth, Development & Learning3
ED207Writing Across the Curriculum3
ED210Mathematics and Scientific Thinking and Learning3
ED290The Exceptional Child3
ED291History and Philosophy of Special Education3
ED929Systemic Effects on Learning3
ED303Curricular Frameworks for Mathematics3
ED304Literacy Curriculum3
ED311Children’s Literature3
ED321Assessment and Instruction of Children with Literacy Problems3
ED340Inquiry-Based Inquiry3
ED341Classroom-Based Assessment3
ED440Applied Learning Theory3
ED441Assessment II3
ED454Integrated Language Arts1.5
ED456Integrated Mathematics Methods1.5
ED457Integrated Science Methods1.5
ED458Integrated Social Studies Methods1.5
ED458Effective Teaching Strategies 3
ED459Fall Internship Seminar3
ED481Student Teaching: Special Education Inclusion9
ED491Special Topics (Social Studies content)3
ED493Reflective Practitioner3
MA102Intermediate Algebra3
BI100Introductory Biology4
PS102Earth Science4

Major Electives

Content Concentration of Choice

6 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours: 126
* A grade of C or better is required.

Proposed Course Schedule