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Education Department Research

Wesley College Education Department faculty members believe that teachers must engage in ongoing research around their practice to act as effective change agents in the lives of their students and in the professional setting. Education faculty are active scholars in their fields, and thus model the research- in- practice ethic for their candidates.

All candidates in the Education Unit are expected to engage in field-based research on student learning throughout their coursework. This requirement builds candidates’ capacity for the culminating classroom-based research required for successful program completion during student teaching or at the conclusion of the M.Ed. for advanced preparation candidates who are classroom teachers.

The Unit has developed a Research Rubric and Reflection Rubric used to assess and evaluate the quality of candidate research. These rubrics are used throughout candidates’ programs of study as well as to evaluate the culminating research project during student teaching or the final M.Ed. research project.

Abstracts of candidate and faculty research from the past two years may be found in the links below.

“Bridging the Professional Gap”….

Dr. Patricia Patterson, Professor of Education and Director of the Graduate programs in Education and Dr. Patricia Sherblom, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Director of the Physical Education K-12 program wrote a successful grant proposal to fund a partnership with local school districts in Delaware for teacher training and induction (support during the first year of teaching). They were greatly assisted in their efforts by Dr. Donna Mitchell, an educational consultant who will serve as the outside assessor for the grant.

The total amount of the award is 1.54 million dollars.

Grant funds will be used to hire and train a group of experienced highly qualified practicing teachers within our partner schools to work with our undergraduate and graduate student teachers during their year-long student teaching experience, with the intent being that the student teachers can be hired into that school or another school with similar student populations in the district.

Grant funds will enable Wesley faculty to work in conjunction with the school and the district to provide our student teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their first year of teaching and beyond. Our goal is to provide high needs schools and student populations within our partner districts with highly qualified and well-prepared first year teachers. Retaining teachers beyond their first year in high needs schools is a nationally recognized need.

Funds will be used to follow our graduates into their first year of teaching and provide extended support in partnership with the hiring school.

Other grant funds will be used to recruit, train, and support education majors in the undergraduate and graduate programs who have been identified with potential to positively impact high needs schools and high needs student populations. A portion of these funds will be used to recruit and provide tuition /scholarship money to potential STEM teachers.

The grant will be funded for five years.

Education Department Current Research