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Writing Minor

Minor Requirements

  • EN202 or EN211
  • EN317 or EN325

Nine additional credits in English, at least six of which must be 300-400 level from among the following list of courses or other courses as approved by the Chair of the Department of Literature and Languages:

  • EN202 Expository Writing
  • EN211 Persuasive Writing
  • EN317 History and Structure of the English Language
  • EN318 Technical Writing
  • EN324 Gendered Rhetoric
  • EN325 Rhetorical Theory and Practice
  • EN420 Internship
  • ME210 Writing for the Media
  • ME351 Journalism
  • ME450 Scriptwriting
  • ME470 Special Topics: Freelance Writing
  • BA325A Business Communications

NOTE: EN100 and EN101 do not count for the Writing Minor, although these courses do serve as prerequisites for many of the courses listed above. The Writing Minor is restricted to non-English majors.

Total Credit Hours: 15