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Master of Arts in Education (MA.Ed) Curriculum and Instruction


Program is offered online and face to face.RTEmagicC_Education_Grad_edit1.jpg

The Master of Arts in Education (MA.Ed) Curriculum and Instruction degree is designed for advanced preparation of the certified K-12 teacher. The goal of the degree is to build candidate’s skills at reflection and research on practice. The Curriculum and Instruction program core provides the practicing teacher with the requisite knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher as described in CAEP and INTASC standards. Candidates will learn the skills of action research and be expected to demonstrate the use of action research in their classroom or school setting for the improvement of student learning. MA.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction candidates will be assigned a thesis advisor when they are accepted into candidacy. With the advisor, the candidate will develop a set of goals for the second half of their degree. The second half of the program is research-based, conducted in the candidate’s classroom or school setting and culminates in a thesis. Currently the program is not offered to students in Maryland, the District of Columbia or Virginia. Wesley is working toward state approval for online programs.

The Unit’s Learning Outcomes

Pre-candidates, candidates, completers, and graduates of the Wesley Education unit will:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of content, and life-long learning strategies for independent knowledge construction.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of pedagogy, including self.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and knowledge of how children, youth, and others learn.
  • Demonstrate growth in pedagogical content knowledge through planning, delivering, differentiating, and assessing instruction in ways that align to social constructivist practice and SPA and InTASC standards.
  • Demonstrate growth in scholarly competencies, including critical
  • Demonstrate thinking, reflection, technological literacy, and communication through multiple texts.
  • Demonstrate continual growth in the dispositions of persistence, tolerance for ambiguity, work ethic, and self-directed learning.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must provide a completed application to the Admissions Office and submit the following:

  1. An undergraduate transcript from an accredited college or university (GPA of 3.00)
  2. A copy of professional teaching certificate
  3. An on-site supervisor evaluation of professional qualities (rubric provided by the Wesley Education program)
  4. An official copy of their most recent DPASS II observations data or other school-based recommendation from their site-based supervisor

For further information please contact B. Patricia Patterson, Graduate Program Director, at b.patricia.patterson(at)wesley.edu.

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