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B. Patricia Patterson
Professor of Education, Director of Graduate Program in Education, NCATE Coordinator - Teacher Education Unit

Why I Teach:

"I teach at Wesley because I get to work in a small progressive teacher education program. Because our faculty values collaborative work, and are philosophically aligned in belief and practice, we are able to design ever-evolving programs that are connected through a common vision. This makes a difference in the quality of teacher candidates and advanced candidates we prepare in our undergraduate and graduate programs."

Contact Information

Budd 205
(302) 736-2448


Ed.D., Education (Science), University of Maine, Orono
M.S., Botany, University of Maine, Orono
B.A., Biology, St. Andrews College

Professional Activities

Areas of research:

  • The teaching of reflection.

  • STEM curriculum and teacher preparation.

  • Science and mathematics curriculum development.


  • Patterson, B. Patricia (2010).Guided Nature Journaling: An Instructional  strategy that improves  teachers’  scientific literacy and models inquiry-based science teaching.  In,  Preparing Change Agents, Cole, J. , ed. Roman & Littlefield, in press.
  • Patterson, B. Patricia (2008).Beyond the Algorithm: Changing Teacher Candidates’ Learning  Experiences with Mathematics to Create Constructivist Mathematics Teachers. In, Cole,  J. ed. Preparing Change Agents, Roman & Littlefield, in press.
  • Patterson, B. Patricia (2011). Plants. In, Wilson, C., ed.  Preparing for the Middle School Science Praxis Test , in preparation.

Courses Taught

ED506 Curriculum Building
ED536 Curriculum Models
ED533 Assessment
ED303 Mathematics in the K-8 Curriculum
ED340 Inquiry
ED456 Elementary Science Methods
PS102 Earth Science